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Responsible action

September 30, 2005


To the editor:

Good grief! Yet another story (Journal-World, Sept. 24) of an adult being punished for making children be responsible for their actions (regarding the story of the Wichita substitute teacher who had the fourth-graders cleaning up feces). Taking this story at face value, without the details, this substitute seems to have been on the right track. Get some gloves and a face mask on those kids, and get to cleaning!

Kris Craven,



Jamesaust 12 years ago

Please! To recap: substitute teacher of fourth-graders has brought to her attention [note passive tense] that some unknown child has defecated in the classroom. When no one admits to "the crime," sub picks several children (although admitting she doesn't suspect all of them) and makes them clean up the mess.

What kind of supervision and control has this adult demonstrated? Its a small classroom. Its fourth-graders. Its not "South Park." Jeez! What next? A stabbing? This sub is too negligent in supervision to be let anywhere near children.

Teaching children is an important and demanding profession. Teachers often say, "we're not babysitters." Would that this sub had AT LEAST have been a babysitter (let alone the actual teacher the taxpayers are paying for), then none of this would have happened.

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