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Salary scale

September 22, 2005


To the editor:

It is often said and often assumed that the people of Lawrence value public education. Allow me to share some numbers that may be of interest. USD 497's starting salary for a teacher is $26,825. The latest board proposal for 2006 is $29,425. For comparison, the starting salary in Olathe is $33,230; Shawnee Mission: $31,777; DeSoto: $33,000; Blue Valley: $33,208, and Wellsville: $31,000.

After teaching 25 years and earning a master's degree, a Lawrence teacher earns $41,762. The same teacher in Olathe earns $53,989; in Shawnee Mission, $47,303; DeSoto, $43,770, Blue Valley, $47,567, and Wellsville, $48,775.

Statewide, Lawrence teachers ranked 48th in salary in 2003-04. By comparison, Lawrence administrators ranked 25th in salary, and our superintendent ranked 10th.

The Lawrence school board states that recruitment and retention of the highest quality teachers is a top priority. With teachers' salaries up to $12,000 less than surrounding districts, and the wide discrepancy between teacher and administrative salary rankings, it appears they have a long way to go.

David Reber,



Richard Heckler 12 years ago

The cost of living in Lawrence is not going down by the way.

laughingatallofu 12 years ago

I'm wondering why John1945 hasn't weighed in, telling us that we're STILL spending too much on ed-you-kay-shun.

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