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Teacher support

September 18, 2005


To the editor:

Finally, someone gets it!

First, it should be clear that school board member Craig Grant and I are friends. I supported his campaign and congratulated him on his election.

Does this disqualify me from speaking out on the actions of our school board? If you believe so, stop here.

I am more convinced today that my support and vote were correct. The last election saw three citizens elected to the board; one member was re-elected, two are "freshmen."

Before the last election, a poll showed that the citizens of our school district were less than satisfied with our school board. In general, I was satisfied.

And then, I witnessed a number of our finest teachers moving to other districts. These educators didn't leave teaching; they left Lawrence. They left because they have families that they must support. They left for higher pay.

I've met, talked with and had many very satisfying encounters with our local educators at all levels. They are all well-qualified, dedicated professionals.

If we continue to turn our heads and "get along in public," we will jeopardize not just our children's education; we will jeopardize our quality of life. The proper funding of public education must include the proper funding of educators' salaries.

Lawrence, it is time to stand up to those who don't get it.

Rex Gardner,



Patty Buchholz 12 years, 5 months ago

I also believe the teachers must be paid competitivley. I also believe that benefits are included in one's salary. Do the other district's that our teachers are moving to have comparable benefits to USD 497 or are we just looking at dollars?

Speakout 12 years, 5 months ago

Everyone does what they do for different reason, but I am willing to bet that the other districts have a better solution than ours. I quit teaching in 1978 because I was below the poverty line and saw no future for my wife and family. Everyday I wish I could be back in the classroom, but I need to eat and to have a fairly nice life.

Kansas has a record of being one of the lowest paying states in teacher salaries. I got my education in Iowa, lived there all of my school days, and find they are one of the top three in providing great education. Why can't Kansas be there? The best teachers leave teaching or move to places where they can simply make a living.

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