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Bad idea

September 4, 2005


To the editor:

Century School students are painting a mural as a school project! What a great idea! Something they can look at with pride in years to come. The lot next door could sell and cover up all their work. Perhaps, the city should buy the lot and make it a pocket park.

I think not! Officials at the school knew before starting the project that the lot could be sold at any time. They didn't even bother to get permission to use the lot for scaffolding to be set up to finish the project. Rather than face the disappointment that they created, they want us to pick up the tab, at $185,000. City commissioners, send this idea packing!

Louise Pennewell,



kansaskev61 12 years, 6 months ago

Save the mural!!!....what elitist crap. We painted it, it's our mural, we want it saved, but we want YOU to pay for it. Here's an idea, paint the mural inside your own building on one of the hall walls. The kids can see it everyday, their self esteem will be lifted, their artistic ability will be validated, it won't be covered up and the tax payers won't be out 170 grand.

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