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Abandon city

September 4, 2005


To the editor:

I have to say some harsh words. I could condemn those who weren't better-prepared to help the Gulf Coast people. Instead I want to say harsh words about what we should do after we rescue the living and bury the dead.

New Orleans should be abandoned. It is below sea level. The city is sinking because of what we have done to the Mississippi wetlands. The sea is rising, slowly now, as Greenland, Antarctica and the Alpine glaciers melt. If we resolve to rebuild, to keep it, we will fight an expensive losing battle to keep the sea out for centuries to come. Let the drowned birthplace of jazz be a memorial to our poor choices.

The connection between carbon dioxide and a climate is not a controversial question of climate recording, it is a physics no-brainer as simple as the similarity in the way light energy is processed by CO2 in the air and by glass when your car sits in the sunlight. We can expect a lot more of the same, even if we clean up our act tomorrow. The misery and expense of the Gulf Coast is a sample. The greenhouse gas problem must be solved.

Adrian Melott,



cowboy 12 years, 8 months ago

Sure , Lets abandon west lawrence because the tornado's always hit there, and lets abandon all of California , and lord knows all those towns on the Mississippi should be abandoned , and Buffalo New York is way to snowy in the winter so abandon that too , yeah Alaska qualifies also get out of there , and the city of New York is a target so get rid of it too....

Richard Heckler 12 years, 8 months ago

Wetlands Saves Tax Dollars and provide education:

Economical and Fiscal Pollution Control Wetlands filter water for free and thus lower the need for, or the loadings into, wastewater and drinking water treatment plants. Further loss of wetlands will lead to increased need for treatment plants and clean-up strategies. Water Supply Wetlands and major retention basins, providing large quantities of clean water for municipalities. Wetland losses will lead to loss of quality water supplies, requiring costly searches for new sources of water. Flood Control Wetlands help control flooding, and thus prevent the need for costly flood control projects. A one-acre wetland holds 330,000 gallons of water if flooded to one foot. Shipping By filtering tributaries and runoff, wetlands hold back vast amounts of sediment that would fill up navigation channels, saving hundreds of millions of tax dollars in dredging costs. Property Protection By preventing flooding and by acting as wave barrier to prevent coastal erosion, wetlands prevent loss of property. Property Values By serving as scenic open space and ad visual and sound buffers, wetlands enhance a community's amenities and therefore its property values. Tourism and Recreation By producing so much wildlife and fish, by serving as scenic open space, and by protecting water quality, wetlands greatly benefit businesses based on fishing, boating, hunting, swimming, and sightseeing, including the lodging, restaurant and service sector. Food Wetlands produce much of the fish harvested by the commercial fishing and aquaculture industries, and are the only place where cranberry, wild rice and other wetland crops can be grown. Natural Resources Wetland produce most of the furbearers for the trapping industry. Forest wetlands can be an important source of timber when managed properly. Fiscal and Tax Savings By performing all the above benefits for free, wetlands save billions of tax dollars by avoiding the need for costly flood, erosion, pollution control, dredging and water supply projects. They bring in fiscal revenues by supporting the recreation, tourism, food and service industries. By enhancing residential property values, they maintain higher tax revenues.

bjohanning 12 years, 8 months ago

We have to be real, New Orleans will be rebuilt, but we should be smart and consider the outcome of unchecked development and destruction of wet lands and costal plains, Global warming and the very real fact that Category 5 hurricanes will be more common due to the warming effect of the oceans. We must also consider the cause and effects of over fifty percent of the costal area national guard being deployed along with seventy-five percent plus of their equipment being deployed. We must look at budget cuts which prevented upgrades to the dikes and greed which allowed unchecked development in areas which are prone to natural disaster. We must look at FEMA and their reliance on technology which does not work during natural disasters. Yes New Orleans will be rebuilt but we must be willing to pay the cost.

laughingatallofu 12 years, 8 months ago

I like cowboy's idea of abandoning west Lawrence, an area that one was farmland, but now is populated by people who are largely unaware of their environment, living in overpriced, poorly constructed houses, driving SUVs (I guess tp prevent the potholes in downtown Lawrence proper from causing their Starbuck's coffee to spill), and are demanding more and more infrastructure without the willingness to pay for it (sorry, but "tax cuts" don't pay for anything.)

kansaskev61 12 years, 8 months ago

As my wise old daddy used to say. "If you're gonna live at the bottom of a rain barrell, you're gonna get wet"!

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