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Problem ahead

October 30, 2005


To the editor:

We all know Lawrence has traffic problems. We continue to try Band-Aid solutions to solve the 23rd Street mess, but our City Commission continues to ignore the coming problem on Sixth Street. Once again, talk is the order of the day.

A major east-west route north of Sixth Street is needed to relieve what we are told will be a near-failed traffic artery when the improvements to Sixth Street are done. By not voting to extend Peterson Road west to the bypass, the situation in northwest Lawrence will only get worse.

Of course, there are many excuses, but only bold action will solve this problem, not talk (the Lawrence solution for everything). I predict that in less than five years, the city will begin a Band-Aid approach to the Sixth Street traffic problem. I suggest we rename Sixth Street "23rd Street north" to reflect what it has become.

The city planning staff and the Planning Commission are to be commended for recognizing the problem and proposing bold action by opening Peterson Road to the west, but a big BAH! to the City Commission for once again sitting on their hands while the Sixth Street problem grows increasingly worse and becomes more difficult to solve.

Ernest E. Angino,



Richard Heckler 12 years, 5 months ago

Ernie you are never short of ideas or comments for that I commend you. However most of the time we disagree. I might disagree with your idea today because there is a busy school crossing on Peterson Road between North Iowa and Kasold. Not only that new traffic may be somewhat curtailed due to the overloading of the NW area drains.

Instead of building a bridge to nowhere KDOT should have placed a 15th street interchange at the trafficway. It was not done which also contributes to traffic flow problems. This may well be a KDOT matter just as the East Hills business park/K10 situation is..KDOT is not always cooperative with Lawrence developers. Developers may have to shell out some dough. Let's get the 15th street interchange built first unless you have a couple million dollars laying around idle.

Some of you developers bitch about spending tax dollars until an unforseen wall surfaces.Then it's the taxpayers responsibility to assist in making a few developers wealth increase. Ernie we must take things one step at a time.

Jamesaust 12 years, 5 months ago

A 15th street interchange with the bypass is a possibility. So is eliminating further cut outs along new development on 6th street via a parrellel access road with store backs facing 6th, not parking lots and distant store entrances a la south Iowa (thus preserving the 'flow through' aspect of what after all is a highway not just a street.

lunacydetector 12 years, 5 months ago

we already have an east - west corridor north of 6th's called I-70, but i see mr. angino's point. this commission stagnates everything. for being so progressive they sure are short on vision. there are only a few new areas to go, so it is assinine to not go to the bypass - that goes for 15th street too.

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