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Miles closes in on NBA roster spot

October 28, 2005


Aaron Miles is one step closer to achieving his lifelong dream of playing in the NBA.

The Golden State Warriors on Thursday waived center Deji Akindele, forward Justin Davis and guard Ray Young, leaving the former Kansas University point guard as one of 14 players on the team roster.

Teams are allowed to keep 14 players.

Just 12 dress for games. The two others are placed on an inactive list that can change game to game.

"You never want to count your chickens ... it's one of those things where things could happen, there could be a crazy trade at the last second, but I'd say it's looking exceptionally likely he'll be on the team," Miles' agent, Chris Emens, said Thursday.

"Something extraordinary would have to happen for him to not (be on the Warriors' squad). He is on the roster, just like any of the other 13 players on the roster," Emens added.

An undrafted free agent, Miles is one of three point guards on the Golden State roster -- Baron Davis and Derek Fisher the others.

"This is something we've expected the past two weeks, to tell you the truth," Emens said. "Aaron has earned this. He kept improving his stock as the offseason wore on."

Miles has a partially guaranteed contract for an undisclosed amount of money. After Jan. 10, his contract would become fully guaranteed.

"We're certainly happy. At the same time, no one ever takes you aside and says, 'Congratulations, you are on the team,' so anything can happen," Emens said. "Fact of the matter is he only has a partially guaranteed contract. They can cut him at any point.

"The team will carry 14. They have the option of sending two down to the D-league for anybody in their first two years. I wouldn't anticipate it being Aaron or anybody else on the Warriors."

Two ex-Jayhawks were cut from NBA rosters Thursday -- Eric Chenowith by the Denver Nuggets and Billy Thomas by the Washington Wizards. Keith Langford was cut by Houston earlier this week.


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