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Faith, science

October 21, 2005


To the editor:

I have enjoyed reading all the opinions regarding evolution and intelligent design. I believe in evolution but asked myself: What could be gained by intelligent design science?

If IDS could be used to stop destruction of the wetlands by saying the designer meant for the wetlands to be here and destruction of the wetlands could poison our water or cause flooding, the environmentalist in me is all for it. If IDS is considered scientific, then let's use it to protect our world. We obviously can't recreate natural phenomenon; only God can create, so let's protect those creations.

What would it mean to bring an intelligent designer and science together? Science is studies done and documented so that it can be repeated with the same results, to prove or disprove a theory. Do I want God to be disproved? Faith is utterly important to me as it is too many people. Why do I believe? I just do.

Should the designer be bound by the rules of science and proof? If there is no scientific reason for miracle springs, burning bushes, parting of the sea, walking on water, or rising from the dead, do we stop believing? Science - a study of fact - has no place in the study of faith. Galileo is a good example of science being hindered by religion, which is not good either. Let's keep church and state separate.

Natasha Naramore,



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