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Bad experience

October 20, 2005


To the editor:

If Kansas University again schedules a "home" game at Arrowhead, I'll either sell my tickets or, more likely, give up my season tickets and buy single-game tickets for the "real" home games. I've been in those stands for 38 years, and that was easily the most disgusting "home" game experience I've had, even eclipsing a 62-point loss in a driving rain.

Our Williams Fund section was riddled with OU fans who apparently bought the tickets of KU ticket holders who'd previously suffered through a game at Arrowhead. We stood up at least 80 times during the game for drunks to crawl over us to stumble up the stairs to the bathroom or else juggle three or four more beers on the way back to their seats. There was not one second during the game, including the national anthem, when our aisle wasn't full of other drunks doing the same.

The Oklahoma cretin sitting behind me kept spraying spit on my head (noticeable when you have a bald spot ... or two), while screaming in my ear, "MOVE DEM CHAINS!" or "OU BABYYYYYYY!"

If the athletic department wants to appeal to the huge KU alumni base in Johnson County, they might consider that the difference between driving to Lawrence or driving to Arrowhead is, at most, 10 minutes - a time savings more than offset by the hour-long wait to get out of the parking lot.

Larry Tenopir,



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