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Teaching choice

October 17, 2005


To the editor:

Evolution is philosophy.

KU Chancellor Robert Hemenway, Leonard Krishtalka and several writers in the Journal-World have a problem with either honesty or clarity. One, the belief of naturalistic evolution is called "evolution." Two, intelligent design is called philosophy without noting the philosophy of naturalistic evolution.

Hemenway says he believes in God and evolution, but naturalistic evolution simply does not allow for God. Surely this should be stated. So which type of evolution does he believe in? Scientists and taxpayers want to know.

Krishtalka says "students deserve a science curriculum based on the best and brightest knowledge, not on polls, public referendums or personal beliefs." Krishtalka's personal belief in evolution, then, should not be taught. How is this scientific knowledge? A poll of scientists shows this. That is simply a view of what knowledge is and thus philosophy. What scientific tests have been performed to tell us that naturalism is true and that science only deals with observable data? Oh, philosophy. Krishtalka should also not quote the Bible in his articles. The misunderstanding of it might make people question his knowledge.

Misinformation abounds on this. Naturalistic evolution is philosophy and contradicts biblical teaching. Seeing through naturalistic evolution is not stupidity, but a different philosophy and knowledge. The philosophy of naturalism and religion of humanism being taught is the hypocrisy of those who cry for science education without philosophy or religion. Science education without philosophy or religion is impossible as demonstrated by naturalistic evolution. It is not whether one is taught or not, but which one.

Richard Smith,



Richard Heckler 12 years, 8 months ago

Jerry Falwell teaches that the bible speaks zero tolerance. So it is my understanding that the bible is left to lord knows how many interpretations? Which interpretation is absolutely correct your's,mine, Falwells or Robertson's who preaches murder?

I have now determined that creationism/intelligent design is left to lord knows how many interpretations. The bible is far from an absolute document which can be edited on a whim then published. Who is the foremost authority regarding the authenticity of the bible?

yourworstnightmare 12 years, 8 months ago

This letter is a great example of the "I'm taking my marbles and going home" argument.

Well, if my specific little dogmatic belief is not taught, then nothing can be said on the subject at all.

This is ridiculous. Evolution is science, and those who claim it is "just philosophy" are either deeply ignorant or willfully prevaricative to achieve a desired end.


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