Media myth

To the editor:

I wonder why many say the “liberal media” is printing nothing but “negative” stories about the war in Iraq. If it is so liberal, why then has there not been a massive media blitz reporting that for over 20 years the U.S. supported Saddam?

Is the press to blame for the lack of body armor? The lack of armored Humvees? The fact that the administration and Department of Defense disbanded the remaining Iraqi army, and in its place came the insurgency (that was dismissed by Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld as not a threat) … the insurgency whose use of munitions sold to Iraq by the U.S. has cost more lives than the “real combat.”

There is no real end in sight – not really. We were sold a bill of goods post 9-11 that proved in the end to be mostly false. Our brave sons and daughters continue to die. And the saddest truth of all is that now there is no way we can get out any time soon. And through it all, men in power on both sides say that God is on their side. Yeah. Let’s blame the media. It’s easier than blaming ourselves.

Steve Craven,