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Faulty premise

October 2, 2005


To the editor:

There were several false premises in the Sept. 29 letter entitled "No Conundrum." Evolution is a fact. Evolutionary theory is a scientific theory. These are not to be confused.

A scientific theory is a well-supported systematic account of a class of phenomena - as opposed to a hypothesis, which is just an educated guess. Evolutionary theory is supported by vast amounts of evidence, and there is simply no evidence in conflict with it, despite the best efforts of intelligent design advocates to convince us otherwise.

Granted, scientific method never achieves absolute truth. Indeed, there are no claims at all of which we can be absolutely certain. Nevertheless, we must remember that the scientific method is in fact our best shot at learning anything about how the world works.

Ms. Rebman and Ms. Doll claimed, "Evolution has not been observed, nor is it repeatable in the lab, so it cannot rightly be taught as fact." The statement is wrong on all three counts. Evolution is continually being observed - both in laboratories and in the field. It is a fact to the same extent as gravity, and it should be taught as such.

The misinformation voiced by Ms. Rebman and Ms. Doll indicates a failure of their science classes to convey an adequate understanding of evolution to their students. Our science classes need a more thorough teaching of evolution - not one that misleads and confuses students.

Henry Epp,



ECM 12 years, 2 months ago

Did you read the letter or just jump to your tired myopic conclusion???

The student at this school and other could run circles around your faulty reasoning or lack of it.

Wow when liberals are so quick to say people of faith are narrow minded you provide yet another great example of what close minded really is.

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