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Rules of the road

October 1, 2005


To the editor:

When it comes to "sharing the road," there are lots of bicyclists who have forgotten the rules of the road. If you check your driver's handbook, being on a bike is driving. The rules on how to conduct yourself for the safety of everyone on the road applies to bicycles, too.

That red octagon means what it says: STOP. Do not just ride on past. The lack of respect for the established rules of the road could be the reason so many drivers take issue with bicyclists. I love it when it is time to chip and seal County Road 458. The lack of bike traffic makes up for the inconvenience of having the road closed for construction.

As for the items listed in "Public road" (Public forum, Sept. 28): The farm equipment helps feed you; the school buses are taking children to school. The folks pulling trailers are doing business or having fun, just like you and the mopeds. As for the elderly, you should show some respect for the people who built, protected and turned this country over to you! Climbing on a bicycle does not give you the right to be rude. You should not be a disruption to traffic. Follow your own advice, and "share the road," do not hog it!

Henry Johns,



kansasfire911 12 years, 6 months ago

I agree, stop means stop for everyone. I was coming up to a 2 way stop in my car, I did not have to stop but the other direction did, anyways a guy on a bike blew threw the stop sign and I nearly hit him and then he had the gall to tell me I was number one and began yelling and cussing at me. And yes respect the elderly if you remember they were the ones who went off to a little thing called World War II without them we would be speaking German.

Ragingbear 12 years, 6 months ago

Recently gaining my own transportation after several years of having to ride the bus, I have observed the following "rules" of the road in Lawrence:

Turn signals are optional. 35 means 50 50 means 75 A red light means that two more cars can go. Instead of looking both ways, just pull out into the road as fast as possible. Talking on a cell phone, while eating, and blasting a stereo where people feel it instead of hear it, is the only real way to drive No matter how fast the person in front of you is going, if there is a gap in front of them, then pass them. Stop on railroad tracks, a train wouldn't dare hit you. Switch lanes often, it's good for your car, and don't use your turn signal while doing so. It's fun to signal that you are going right, and then go left. Honk, if you feel like it. Mopeds, bicyclist, and other slower vehicles on the roads need to be harrased, and have things thrown at them to help them move faster. If your elderly, apply all the rules above except the speed rule. Always go 10mph.

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