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Lasting effects

November 25, 2005


To the editor:

With Veterans Day less than two weeks behind us, I hope I'm not the only one to feel sheer outrage at Cal Thomas' statement (Journal-World, Nov. 22) that the Vietnam War had "no lasting negative effects on the United States other than 58,000 dead Americans."

No lasting negative effects? The tragic loss of a son, father or brother lasts a lifetime and can have repercussions over several generations. Vietnam resulted in hundreds of thousands of disabled veterans, not to mention those who carry the war in their heads every day. What about the effects of that war on them and their families. What about the lasting effects of the political and social turmoil at home on Americans? Our family, friends and neighbors, including immigrants to the U.S. from Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries, struggle with the legacy of Vietnam every day.

No lasting negative effects? Ask any Vietnam veteran if they believe that.

Even if Thomas' remark had been intended as sarcasm (which it wasn't), it would have been an insult to every thinking American. Conservatives like Thomas who deny the horrendous legacy of Vietnam guarantee that Iraq will be another epic catastrophe. Tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of additional human lives will be destroyed, but in their minds there will be "no lasting negative effects." Denying the reality of war ensures we will never have peace.

John W. Hoopes,



Speakout 12 years, 7 months ago

Wow, Mr. Hoopes, I couldn't agree with you more. Cal Thomas has the uncanny ability to hide behind his theories and never test them. His stance on Middle East politics has caused turmoil all over the world.

Viet Nam is certainly behind us as a current political issue, but the result or effects and affects of the war do haunt us daily. What about Iraq? Is the loss of life to both Americans and their Allies, and to the innocent Iraqis who have so dearly sacrificed for Bush's war, worth the sacrifice? Is the mounting anti-war activity and anti-Bush feelings going to destroy our democracy?

I fully believe that our lack of telling the truth to all Americans in ALL our foreign entanglements has caused this whole dilema. How much injustice can part of the world take until they strike out, albeit, in a very cowardly fashion, and destroy the American Dream?

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