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Leap of faith

November 23, 2005


To the editor:

In an effort to restore faith to the place some people feel it deserves, intelligent design theory is being proposed as an alternative to Darwinian theory to explain the organization of the universe. Subjecting the faith that it takes to believe in intelligent design to scientific scrutiny runs the risk of doing serious damage to the concept of faith itself.

For those with faith that all of this was created, it hardly seems objective to use scientific proof - along with hypotheses, theorems, etc. - to prove creationism is the correct belief. Scientific standards for proof were designed by people to evaluate bodies of evidence in establishing standards for knowing. A leap of faith cannot be proven. A leap of faith is not supposed to be able to be proven or else there is no leap. If proven, you do not need faith to accept it. Faith is knowing in a radically different way than the way we know through scientific investigation.

Great things have been accomplished with leaps of faith. Having faith produces wonderful results in a wide variety of areas. For some, displaying faith saves you for all eternity. Why would anyone wish to subject faith to the ritualistic scrutiny that was developed to establish scientific proof?

Placing intelligent design on the plane with Darwinism as an explanation for the organization of the universe will result in faith being evaluated with a tool that it was not designed for. Faith cannot pass scientific scrutiny, nor was it designed to.

George Wanke,



Ragingbear 12 years, 6 months ago

Behold the Noodly Appendage of the Great Flying Spagetti Monster!

grimpeur 12 years, 6 months ago

Rbear: "Behold the Noodly Appendage of the Great Flying Spagetti Monster!"


greyhawk 12 years, 6 months ago

One of the most rational letters on this subject!

Speakout 12 years, 6 months ago

Again, you all look at Intelligent Design from the Christian point of view. Perhaps Christianinty isn't deep enought to explain all of the aspects of the universe and that is what makes it incomplete. Are there other religions or belief systems that can, in a logical and orderly fashion, explain the beginnings of the Universe and its ultimate expansion and change?

I think there is and I believe that scientific study and logical thinking can link together with a faith that incorporates all of these aspects. Before you can create a human from dirt, you must have the dirt. Where did that come from, etc?

Just a thought, I don't think we can determine this in any way.

Jamesaust 12 years, 6 months ago

And so, again, if religion is intent in interfering with government, government will inevitably interfere with religion. "Why WOULD anyone wish to subject faith to the ritualistic scrutiny that was developed to establish scientific proof?" There can be no faith without there first being doubt. Nothing is more noxious than a zealot claiming to have faith when in fact they have certainty - an unquestioning, unshakeable, ignore-the-facts certainty.

Speakout 12 years, 6 months ago

THats the point Jamesaust, there must be a proof in the universe of the beginnings of the universe. I think somewhere or someone has that proof but we are all missing it. The vital question of our beginnings is an inherant one and one that should be researched from every angle including theology. I believe that God created the beginnings and let the design create the rest, but the only proof I have is the books I read that do not, for the most part, bridge that gap.

What started evolution? What started Intelligent design?

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