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World Company sports staff picks

November 12, 2005


* Kevin Romary is a Texas native.

Favorite Texas attraction

Gary Bedore: Minute Maid Park

Chris Cottrell: Armadillo Hdqtrs.

Andrew Hartsock: Toast

Tom Keegan: Longhorns helmets

Bill Mayer: Dallas cheerleaders

Kevin Romary: Billy Bob's Texas

Andy Samuelson: Old Sparky

Scott Tittrington: Anna Nicole Smith

Jason Walker: Whataburger

D.J. Whetter: Bush twins

Ryan Wood: Armadillo roadkill

Chuck Woodling: Dr. Pepper Museum

Kansas - Texas

Gary Bedore: Texas

Chris Cottrell: Texas

Andrew Hartsock: Texas

Tom Keegan: Texas

Bill Mayer: Texas

Kevin Romary: Kansas

Andy Samuelson: Texas

Scott Tittrington: Texas

Jason Walker: Texas

D.J. Whetter: Kansas

Ryan Wood: Texas

Chuck Woodling: Texas

Colorado - Iowa State

Gary Bedore: Iowa State

Chris Cottrell: Colorado

Andrew Hartsock: Iowa State

Tom Keegan: Iowa State

Bill Mayer: Colorado

Kevin Romary: Iowa State

Andy Samuelson: Colorado

Scott Tittrington: Colorado

Jason Walker: Iowa State

D.J. Whetter: Colorado

Ryan Wood: Colorado

Chuck Woodling: Iowa State

Kansas State - Nebraska

Gary Bedore: Nebraska

Chris Cottrell: Nebraska

Andrew Hartsock: Nebraska

Tom Keegan: Kansas State

Bill Mayer: Nebraska

Kevin Romary: Nebraska

Andy Samuelson: Nebraska

Scott Tittrington: Nebraska

Jason Walker: Nebraska

D.J. Whetter: Nebraska

Ryan Wood: Nebraska

Chuck Woodling: Kansas State

Baylor - Missouri

Gary Bedore: Missouri

Chris Cottrell: Missouri

Andrew Hartsock: Missouri

Tom Keegan: Missouri

Bill Mayer: Missouri

Kevin Romary: Missouri

Andy Samuelson: Baylor

Scott Tittrington: Missouri

Jason Walker: Missouri

D.J. Whetter: Missouri

Ryan Wood: Missouri

Chuck Woodling: Baylor

Texas A&M; - Oklahoma

Gary Bedore: Oklahoma

Chris Cottrell: Oklahoma

Andrew Hartsock: Oklahoma

Tom Keegan: Oklahoma

Bill Mayer: Oklahoma

Kevin Romary: Oklahoma

Andy Samuelson: Oklahoma

Scott Tittrington: Oklahoma

Jason Walker: Oklahoma

D.J. Whetter: Oklahoma

Ryan Wood: Oklahoma

Chuck Woodling: Oklahoma

Texas Tech - Oklahoma St.

Gary Bedore: Texas Tech

Chris Cottrell: Texas Tech

Andrew Hartsock: Texas Tech

Tom Keegan: Texas Tech

Bill Mayer: Texas Tech

Kevin Romary: Texas Tech

Andy Samuelson: Texas Tech

Scott Tittrington: Texas Tech

Jason Walker: Texas Tech

D.J. Whetter: Texas Tech

Ryan Wood: Texas Tech

Chuck Woodling: Texas Tech

Last Week / Season

Gary Bedore: 4-2 / 26-10

Chris Cottrell: 5-1 / 27-9

Andrew Hartsock: 6-0 / 30-6

Tom Keegan: 4-2 / 24-12

Bill Mayer: 5-1 / 30-6

Kevin Romary: 5-1 / 28-8

Andy Samuelson: 6-0 / 27-9

Scott Tittrington: 4-2 / 30-6

Jason Walker: 5-1 / 25-11

D.J. Whetter: 6-0 / 29-7

Ryan Wood: 5-1 / 29-7

Chuck Woodling: 5-1 / 23-13


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