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Get to the truth

November 8, 2005


To the editor:

This past Saturday Column deriding Democrats for not letting go of the notion of Bush misleading us into war, alleging we're mean-spirited, sore losers who are guided by hate was way off the mark. The 2000 and 2004 elections are history. Politics aside, all the lies to the public and Congress before the war and a policy of illegal torture and other breaks with federal and international law should cause us all to want to get to the truth.

People bought into the lies put forth by Bush and company. After all, he had all the inside information. Now new evidence is coming to light. We now know of the dissenting opinions such as Scott Ritter, a former Marine intelligence officer, weapons inspector at the time, and a Republican himself, as well as Joe Wilson and others, telling them that there were no WMDs or nuclear weapons in Iraq.

The Republican-led Congress tried to impeach Bill Clinton for perjury over what amounted to his definition of "sexual relations." That pales in comparison to this administration's actions, both morally and legally. It is time to clean house. If a Democratic president had lied the way the Bush did, (leading up to war they must have used the phrases WMDs and nuclear threat a thousand times) he would have been impeached long ago.

Stephen Crockett,



bjohanning 12 years, 3 months ago

Clinton did not take us into war, Bush did, Clinton lied about his sex life which was his wife's problem not your problem or mine. Bush "distorted" information to take this country into war he wanted, he used only the information that supported his cause even if that information came from sources that were known to be false or had their own agenda. Do not compare Clinton's sex life to Bush's lies because there isn't any comparison.

Curtiss 12 years, 3 months ago

It's only 8 in the morning. Yet, as I read my morning paper and saw this letter, I guessed Mr. Groenhagen had probably already responded with his standard explanation of how everything bad that's ever happened is Clinton's fault.

He doesn't disappoint. Not only has he already been here, but he's even put in two links to himself as corroborating proof of what he says.

Cheney leaks to the New York Times, Judith Miller writes the story, NYT puts it on the front page, and within 24 hours Cheney is going around showing the NYT story as proof of what he's saying. It's obvious that Mr. Groenhagen loves these people, loves their style, their freewheeling disassociation from reality, and tries to emulate that in his own little way.

Somebody should explain to him that it's not working very well for his idols, either. They're lucky to not be in prison, and might end up there soon if Bush doesn't pardon them all (which he will, if only to keep himself out of prison, just like his daddy did).

Still, it's always nice to hear someone speak up for the goofy 39% who still think the country's in good hands.

Funny, too, how the self-righteous moralists thought it was a great idea when Clinton and Martha Stewart couldn't be convicted for anything they actually did, so investigators interrogated them until they were able to get them to say they didn't do anything wrong, then went after them for lying. And now they're wailing and moaning that Scooter Libby obviously did nothing wrong, because he's only being indicted for minor technicalities in his testimony, not the underlying crime.

Oh, and "Doctor Savage?" Come on. You can't be serious, quoting Mike "Savage" Weiner as your mentor for anything. The guy's demented. Lived his whole life as a liberal, but finally found there's way more money screaming right-wing hate on the radio. That's not conservative, that's whore. This is the guy with a boyfriend on Fiji, the guy who hung out with gay hippie poet Allen Ginsburg, yet is so terrified of his own suppressed homosexuality he recently shouted at a gay radio caller "I hope you get aids and die!" (NewsMax calls him "the compassionate conservative.") Not only that, but Weiner has a derogatory name for people like Mr. Groenhagen; he calls them "Bushbots."

Malika Lyon 12 years, 3 months ago

I'm really tired of this new diversion of blaming Clinton for the invasion of Iraq. There WAS a time when Hussein had weapons because Reagan and Bush #1 had provided them. By 2002, the situation was very different. Please read this extensive, factual analysis before you blame Clinton again:

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