Enough process

To the editor:

In a letter (Public Forum, May 26), Mary Davidson understands my indignation on the subject of a vile person that makes the choice to harm a child.

I do understand what due process means. Due process is very important in protecting the innocent in many cases.

The key words in the letter that I wrote were “strike two and you’re out.”

I am fed up with sexual offenders being released over and over again. A court-deemed sexual predator has already been given his due processes many times. There is a difference between the first-time offender and a sexual predator. I believe it would be a deterrent even for these monsters if they knew that if they continue this vile behavior they will be locked up forever.

How many more innocent children are we going to allow to be harmed or killed before we make it a law that the second offense is enough to get you locked up for good? Civil commitment laws are needed in these cases!

For the registered sex offenders that we are trying to keep track of, implanted GPS tracking devices should be put into action.

With a petition, we are continuing our fight to stop the transitional housing for sexual predators from being in Lawrence.

Charlotte Hastings,