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Students offer must-have tips

May 27, 2005


So, you think you are prepared for your first year at Kansas University.

Students at the Kansas Union offer the following essential items for KU newcomers:

Cell phone

"It allows you to keep in contact with parents and friends: It's good when you work with groups or you get in trouble and need a ride home."

- Sara Koven, Overland Park junior


"Because it's very handy to listen to music with all the walking you do on campus. Helps pass the time between classes."

- Tamara Onken, Lawrence freshman


"There are not enough computers for students who need them. This is one of the things they really don't stress."

- Miles Krouse, Peoria, Ill., graduate student


"Just to get around everywhere. People are always asking for rides.

- Kyle Geiken,

Burnsville, Minn., sophomore

Bus pass

"When it's winter and cold outside you can't walk from the dorms."

- Marc Tumanut,

Kansas City, Mo., junior

Phone card

"In case something goes wrong with your cell phone, which always happens to me."

- Grant Baumgartner, Leawood senior


"You get so busy you need something to keep your life organized. You need to write things down."

- Natalie McDonald, Satana sophomore


"Sometimes it's quicker to get around, especially on campus. It's cheaper because of gas prices and no parking fees."

- Gene Espinoza, Pittsburg sophomore

Walking shoes, backpack

and water bottle

"Heels aren't going to get you around campus. You need a good backpack to carry all those books from Watson (Library)."

- Erica Gilmore, Iola senior

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