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Earthly insights

May 8, 2005


To the editor:

My general science teacher started his lecture the first day of class my freshman year at Valley Falls High School in 1947 with this statement, "The Bible says that in the beginning God created heaven and earth but God did not say how he did the creation. Science is a way for God to give us insight as to how he creates and how his creation works."

God cannot be defined because that would limit him. My understanding of some of God's characteristics besides being unlimited are: being a divine, spiritual, intelligent, creative energy that creates by spiritual and natural laws.

If God allows us to gain insight into his creation through the scientific method of investigation and evolution is a method of development of physical and spiritual life then so be it. We may find better methods of investigation and understand better the development of physical and spiritual life as we gain new insights with open minds. After all, we developed new understandings and evolved from believing the world was flat to the world being round.

So why don't we teach all the insights that we know at this time and quit wasting taxpayers' money with all the debates. After all, the known and unknown spiritual and physical laws of God will rule the universe no matter how much time is spent debating creationism and evolution as separate issues.

John Gutschenritter,


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