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Dobson tirades

May 3, 2005


To the editor:

Dr. James Dobson's thinly veiled political commentary should not be published in this paper on any page except the editorial page. It is important for your readers to know that Dobson's weekly tirade is not really sound family advice and is not based in solid family science research, is lacking in truth, and is merely a shell for Dobson's fanatical right-wing politics (as evidenced by his recent attempts to influence the very workings of the U.S. Congress).

As a family science researcher and educator with 25 years of experience with Kansas families, I can assure you that Dobson's views are not based in reality. Not only are his opinions outdated, unsubstantiated by solid research and often full of bad advice for families, they are bigoted, politically inflammatory and mean. If you must print this dribble, please clearly label it as political opinion and not as parent education. I think it's time someone told Dobson to go focus on his own family values. Tolerance for others and acceptance of diversity would be good for starters.

Malcolm Smith,


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