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Vandalism decried

March 31, 2005


To the editor:

The March 21 Journal-World carried stories about two events related to the second anniversary of the United States' invasion of Iraq. One was a candlelight vigil held at the county courthouse on Sunday evening; the other was the vandalizing of government and private property with anti-war graffiti.

As an active member of The Lawrence Coalition for Peace and Justice, which sponsored the candlelight vigil, I strongly deplore the actions of the vandals. The many vigils, marches, forums and other actions we have held aim 1) to express our deep opposition to this war, and 2) to encourage the growth of opposition in the public at large. I can think of little that does more to undermine the second goal than the destructive actions of vandals who work under the cover of darkness with the cowardly intent of concealing who they are.

Allan Hanson,


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