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School response

March 31, 2005


To the editor:

Vote as you will on the school bonds, but make your decision on accurate information. The letter from Bob Blank, (Public Forum, March 25) contained several inaccuracies. I offer the following corrections: 1) The district has enough elementary capacity and makes adjustments through boundary changes as needed, as it always has. No complaints!; 2) A March 2 Journal-World article regarding teacher salaries explained many reasons for declining school enrollment; 3) Recent window and playground equipment replacements at Cordley cost $197,205; 4) Students are required to take biology but other options are now available to allow students to master required science standards;

5) DLR's fee for construction management will be 3.5 percent of construction costs; 6) The district has conducted long-range facility planning; that's how needs were identified for the bonds; 7) The boundary area served by South Junior High has increasing enrollment and includes areas where new homes are and will be built; 8) As a society, we all own a piece of low teacher morale given the incongruity between mandates vs. support and resources; 9) Cross-town busing to fill unused buildings has been consistently rejected by this community; 10) See No. 2 above regarding declining enrollment. The school board works and meets regularly with the city and county commissions.

I encourage everyone to vote on April 5, and to base your vote on accurate information. Information about the bond proposals can be found at and

Sue Morgan,


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