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Just say ‘no’

March 31, 2005


To the editor:

You have an opportunity to do something right and decent when you step to the polls April 5.

A "no" vote on the proposed constitutional amendment will tell the world that Kansans value tolerance and kindness -- and do not agree with Fred Phelps that "God hates fags."

State law already prohibits same-sex marriage. So why rewrite our constitution to designate one group of Kansans as second-class citizens?

Gays are our brothers, sisters, co-workers, friends. From a religious standpoint, can you really imagine Jesus leading the charge for passage of this knee-jerk amendment?

While the proposal's Part A would ban same-sex marriage, Part B threatens rights of all unmarried partners, both gay and straight. Take health care and retirement, for instance. Several major companies, including Boeing and Sprint, currently offer benefits to employees in nontraditional unions. A "yes" vote could put such benefits at risk.

I've always seen Kansans as basically decent people with an independent spirit.

Confirm that view on Tuesday.

Carol Crupper,


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