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Forget Roy

March 31, 2005


To the editor:

Maybe it's just me! I thought we named a new head coach for the Kansas University men's basketball team. As I read the Journal-World, I get so disgusted to see the numerous stories about North Carolina and Roy Williams.

I know that he coached at KU and had a great career, but the sports writers need to let go of Roy Williams and pay attention to the awesome coach that is leading our team: Bill Self. Remember his name; he will be here for a long time and maybe he won't mess with our emotions by saying he is staying and then leaving anyway.

After watching coach Self, I have grown to appreciate how lucky we are to have him leading our team.

Roy lives in North Carolina and works for another university; coach Self is our guy now and in the future.

Lawrence needs to move on and embrace Bill Self. Roy is gone and I don't need to hear about every time Roy wins a game or goes golfing with his buddies.

Maybe it's just me ... but I doubt it!

Jerry Chapin,


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