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Clueless GOP

March 31, 2005


To the editor:

If any good can come out of such a sad story as the Schiavo family affair it might be that Americans will finally wake up to realize how far to the right and how out of touch the Republican Party and its politicians have moved. While the GOP used to be able to describe itself as the party of less government and states' rights, it has turned into the party of ultimate and constant government intervention, the party that sticks its nose in other people's business, more specifically, in our personal affairs and private lives. No thanks, I don't want or need Republicans in my classroom, bedroom, mailbox, bank account, my retirement program, and now medical office or hospital room.

It's time to take back our individual freedoms and right to privacy by voting out of office the Republicans who have moved so far to the right that they're turning our democracy into a theocracy. To ensure that they have total control of our private lives, they also plan to appoint Supreme Court justices who will favor the extreme, social conservative right over the rest of us.

Aren't there several other problems facing the country that Republicans and others should attend to? Perhaps record deficits and 45 million Americans without any medical insurance? The GOP is "clueless" when it comes to knowing how to effectively lead and address the pressing issues of this nation. Remember this the next time you go to the polls.

Diane Fourny,


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