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A jobs issue?

March 31, 2005


To the editor:

One needs to rise in defense of various local bar and restaurant owners and others who oppose the smoking ban now in effect in Lawrence. They have been the object of much criticism, but it must be understood that their motives are for the economic well-being of our fine community, providing jobs for many of our citizens.

If the smoking ban were to be ended, more employment would thereby be created for doctors -- especially heart and lung specialists -- nurses, hospital orderlies, ambulance drivers, pharmacists, funeral directors, undertakers, embalmers, tombstone carvers, and last but not least, grave diggers. Grave diggers have spouses and children to support too! And after all, health is of no importance; only money counts.

Furthermore, in a democracy it is certainly the right of smokers to share lung cancer with non-smokers. Please remember this when you go to the polls on April 5.

Bryant Freeman,


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