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Best for baby

March 30, 2005


To the editor:

I was disappointed to read that our state legislators did not pass a bill to explicitly allow breast-feeding mothers the right to nurse their infants wherever the need arose. The topic will come back until Kansas joins the majority of other states that recognize the value of breast-feeding whenever and wherever a mother sees necessary.

While I am disappointed in the outcome of the bill, I am pleased to see breast-feeding as a topic of public discussion. Breast-feeding is the gold standard in infant feeding and is an important public health issue. As Amy Spangler of the U.S. Breast-feeding Committee states so eloquently, "Breast-feeding may not seem the right choice for every parent; it is the best choice for every baby." Anything we can do in Kansas to help make breast-feeding the norm in infant nutrition is an effort worth pursuing.

Thank you to those that showed public support for breast-feeding!

Jane Tuttle,


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