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U.S. sacrifice

March 20, 2005


To the editor:

Once again I write about the slaughter of American youth in Iraq as opposed to the Nancy and Bill Keel views on abortion (Public Forum, Feb. 2). I should like to reply to Megan Pannell, who, in her letter (Feb. 18) stated that it was "amazing to [her] that Robert Anderson can compare abortions to soldiers going to war."

Taking umbrage at Ms. Pannell's comments about me (or her inability to understand the language I used in my letter), I can state once again that I am very much opposed to abortion. I have two children who were at the top of their classes and were examples of morality, kindness and goodness at Lawrence High School and Free State High School, respectively. My children were wanted by their mother and me. We saw in utero sonogram images and were overjoyed at their birth.

My main point is not about abortion (legal in the U.S., but deplorable as a solution to unwanted pregnancy) but rather about the cruel and useless sacrifice of young American lives -- people who are on the verge of being adults who can reason properly -- for what? Oil? Big business interests? World peace?

All stems from the rearing of children by parents -- parents who would like to help their progeny to be caring, sympathetic and humane adults. If we raise our children to believe that abortion is acceptable, and that trying to improve the American way of life is "good" for other countries, we shall continue to sacrifice our most important assets -- our children.

Robert E. Anderson,


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