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Logic argued

March 7, 2005


To the editor:

Although Craig Tucker and Judy Northway would not choose to have an abortion, they want us to realize there are "logical" reasons why one might consider an abortion (Public Forum, Feb. 27). I believe just as strongly that the pro-life position is quite logical for anyone faced with that decision.

Those who are pro-choice often ask pro-lifers, "Do you care what happens to the baby after birth?" (Tucker and Northway mention a "quality life.") I'd like to ask the pro-choicers if they've considered what could happen to the mother after the abortion. How will an abortion affect her "quality of life"?

Will she feel an emptiness in her soul larger than the emptiness in her womb? Will she get breast cancer, which might have been prevented had she bore the baby? Will she be able to conceive and carry a child later, should she desire to? Will she turn to alcohol to cover the pain? These are just some of the potential risks. (If you've had an abortion and can say, "I've never experienced any of this," get on your knees and thank God for his mercy!)

I am very concerned, not only for the unborn baby, but for the physical, emotional and spiritual scars a woman who chooses an abortion may suffer. One slogan of the pro-life position describes it well: "Abortion. One dead, one wounded."

If you are pregnant and considering an abortion, or know someone who is, do the logical thing -- choose life!

Verna Froese,


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