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Not of God

March 4, 2005


To the editor:

Perception is of the ego because ego wants us to perceive how we believe it to be -- not as it is. Knowledge is of the spirit and cannot be in unity with perception.

The religious right's teaching and workings today show how they use their power to politicize their followers and then use politics to spearhead fund-raising efforts -- all the while treading on carefully created campaigns of hatred, fear, prejudice and intolerance. They forsake themselves and God if they forsake any of their brothers. They must learn to see others as they themselves do.

There can be no case against a child of God. Every witness to guilt in God's creation is bearing false witness to God Himself. Not only does the ego cite scriptures as a witness to purposes, but it even interprets scriptures as a witness to itself. Preaching love, brotherhood, forgiveness and acceptance and not practice the same is not of God, it is of the ego. God is not selective in His love because He loves all of His creations because they are all of God.

When this country bends to the bigotry and hypocrisy of the religious right, we are creating a negative consequence for people that are perceived as "abominations" thus feeding the egos of those who perceive them as such. Where is the separation of church and state when this country allows fear, prejudice and intolerance to campaign against some of God's very own creations?

Don Carr,


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