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Border Raiders Tour -- Day Five
How do you think J.R. Giddens' departure affects the KU basketball team?

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It will make the team better not to have the distraction that Giddens had become.
Little change - we lose the distraction, but also the points.
It’ll hurt. We lose scoring and an experienced player.
Who cares?
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Scholar Athlete of the Year
June 30, 2005
Tonganoxie High School senior Addie Heim is the High School Scholar Athlete of the Year.
Emergency crews responding to gas line rupture
June 30, 2005
Emergency crews are on the scene of a reported gas line rupture about 10 miles south of Lawrence.
Blasters, Dragons enjoy game without concern for heat, score
June 30, 2005
A game in the Rookie Baseball league usually makes for a pretty entertaining hour, with parents on the field helping out, zany baserunning, a lot of runs and some moments of baseball brilliance when the 7- and 8-year-old players do something to make the spectators ooh and aah.
Local youth games canceled
June 30, 2005
All games scheduled to be played tonight have been canceled for the Lawrence Parks and Recreation District, Douglas County Amateur Baseball Association and Basehor Field of Dreams leagues. Sign up to receive alerts about youth baseball and softball game cancellations at
Area under thunderstorm watch
03:39 p.m., June 30, 2005 Updated 03:39 p.m.
More severe weather — including lightning, hail and heavy rains — is headed toward the Lawrence area today, says 6News meteorologist Matt Sayers.
House approves $139 million school finance plan
June 30, 2005
House members approved a $139 million school finance package today, the chamber’s latest attempt to satisfy a Kansas Supreme Court deadline less than 24 hours away.
Giddens to transfer from KU
June 30, 2005
J.R. Giddens will transfer from Kansas University, head coach Bill Self announced Thursday.
Summer color forecast: buttery yellows, reds with a hint of orange
June 30, 2005
Summer temperatures are hot, but not so for colors.
Odd-shaped chairs proved perfect for good conversation
June 30, 2005
Collectors often find objects from the past that are unfamiliar today. Without the proper name to use for research, an asparagus server, a niddy noddy (wool winder) or a confidante (chair) can be a mystery.
New network unveiled for alternative lifestyles
June 30, 2005
The man who’s molding Logo, the new network for gays and lesbians, grew up in rural Illinois, attended Oral Roberts University and counted that cheesy keyboard solo on “Freeze Frame” as his big moment during gigs with his college band the Ozones.
British explosion
Obscure group creating buzz for Live 8
June 30, 2005
The U.S. Live 8 lineup is jam-packed with household names: Stevie Wonder, Destiny’s Child, the Dave Matthews Band, P. Diddy, Jay-Z, Bon Jovi and Kaiser Chiefs.
Readers’ choice: Fans vote for first class of NASCAR’s Hall of Fame
June 30, 2005
If it were up to fans, drivers would dominate the first class of inductees into NASCAR’s proposed Hall of Fame.
Rogers, cameramen clash
June 30, 2005
Texas Rangers pitcher Kenny Rogers shoved two cameramen Wednesday, sending one to the hospital in a videotaped tirade that included throwing a camera to the ground and threatening to break others.
NBA teams focus on international standouts
Eighteen foreign players among 60 selected during two rounds of draft
June 30, 2005
Andrew Bogut had long since left the building by the time Mickael Gelabale of France proudly strode onstage sporting a mop-top of dreadlocks that couldn’t be contained by his brand new Sonics cap.
Heat savor Simien
Miami president: Ex-Jayhawk like fine wine
June 30, 2005
Much like wine, Pat Riley wanted a player who got better with age.
Nets to keep Vaughn
June 30, 2005
The New Jersey Nets on Wednesday exercised point guard Jacque Vaughn’s contract option for the 2005-06 season.
On the record
June 30, 2005
Commentary: Simien could help Heat right away
Miami looking to win now, so Kansas University product logical choice with 29th pick
June 30, 2005
Wayne Simien. Well, ESPN’s Dick Vitale liked it.
Roddick reaches Wimbledon semis
Federer, Hewitt, Johansson claim quarterfinal wins
June 30, 2005
Andy Roddick knows he’s a work in progress, a young player with a record-setting serve, a fearsome forehand, a Grand Slam title - and key parts of his game that occasionally let him down.
Mine-area search for missing girls yields no evidence
June 30, 2005
Investigators continued their search on Wednesday for two Oklahoma teenagers who have been missing for more than five years.
June 30, 2005
¢ Fatal fire blamed on propane leak ¢ KDOT sets open house on U.S. 59 project
Gordon on watch list
June 30, 2005
Kansas University junior Charles Gordon was one of 50 college football players named to the 2005 Bronko Nagurski Trophy watch list released this week.
Children’s picture books offer lively stories of history
June 30, 2005
To some children, President Clinton was a lifetime ago, so the idea that the United States is celebrating its 224th year might take a little explaining.
Flamingos escape from zoo in Wichita
June 30, 2005
Sedgwick County Zoo workers are on the hunt for two flamingos that escaped earlier this week.
City bowler advances
June 30, 2005
Lawrence bowler Bob Glass had a 24-game pinfall total of 5,225 to rank fourth Wednesday after three rounds of the PBA Senior Epicenter Classic at Epicenter Bowling Center and earned a berth into the tournament’s Round of 16.
KU issues scholarships to fine arts students
June 30, 2005
The Kansas University department of art awarded roughly $160,000 in scholarships and awards to fine arts students at its annual spring exhibition and gallery. The winners were judged by a committee of faculty members.
Take the bite out of mosquitoes
June 30, 2005
Soon the rocket’s red glare and bombs bursting in air will be used to celebrate the freedoms of Independence Day. Many families will gather to grill and enjoy the great outdoors.
Mexico issues cartoon character stamps weeks after racial flap
June 30, 2005
The Mexican government has issued postage stamps depicting an exaggerated black cartoon character known as Memin Pinguin, just weeks after remarks by President Vicente Fox angered U.S. blacks.
Raiders roll over Topeka Post One, 15-2
Lawrence youth baseball team atones for no-hit loss in last outing
June 30, 2005
There’s no doubt that when the Lawrence Raiders showed up at the Olathe District Activities Center Tuesday for a doubleheader with Olathe South, they were more than ready to hit.
Politician demands voice for insurgents in Iraq
June 30, 2005
A Sunni Arab politician who brokered secret talks between American officials and insurgents said Wednesday he has formed a group to give political voice to Iraqi fighters, and he demanded a timetable for U.S. troop withdrawal.
June 30, 2005
¢ Japan to restrict information on Internet ¢ Former Guantanamo inmate acquitted ¢ Gay marriage opponents petition Parliament ¢ Travel ban lifted for rape victim ¢ Expert: U.N. looking for secret U.S. facilities
CIA says Italy knew of plans to nab suspect
June 30, 2005
Before a CIA paramilitary team was deployed to snatch a radical Islamic cleric off the streets of Milan in February 2003, the CIA station chief in Rome briefed and sought approval from his counterpart in Italy, according to three CIA veterans with knowledge of the operation and a fourth who reviewed the matter after it took place.
Britain’s Tony Blair denies claims about Downing Street memos
June 30, 2005
Prime Minister Tony Blair firmly denied Wednesday that the Bush administration signaled just months after 9-11 that a decision was made to invade Iraq, saying he was “astonished” by claims that leaked secret memos suggested the U.S. was rushing to war.
17 troops aboard crash in Afghanistan feared dead
June 30, 2005
U.S. military officials said Wednesday they feared all 17 troops aboard a special operations helicopter were dead after hostile fire downed the craft and it slid or rolled into a rugged mountain ravine in eastern Afghanistan.
June 30, 2005
¢ Capitol, White House briefly evacuated ¢ Spreading wildfire may endanger homes ¢ Senate blocks pesticide tests on humans ¢ Senate panel endorses CAFTA plan ¢ Army’s divorce rate increasing rapidly ¢ Bush promotes Web site to support troops ¢ House rejects cut in Amtrak subsidies ¢ Poll: Voters reluctant to re-elect Schwarzenegger
Mad cow case traced to Texas
June 30, 2005
The latest confirmed case of mad cow disease in the United States has been traced to a beef cow born in Texas 12 years ago and slaughtered last November at pet-food plant, Agriculture Department officials said Wednesday.
Sunshine state
Kansas has the sunflower, but do you know which blossoms represent the rest of the country? Here’s a primer, just in time for Independence Day.
June 30, 2005
Americans enjoy many opportunities and privileges. Certainly one of the perks of living in this country is the amazing beauty that blankets the land from coast to coast. From deserts to marshes, mountains to prairies, the terrain reflects a little bit of every sentiment Mother Nature has to offer.
Offices, services closed the 4th
June 30, 2005
There won’t be too many people working Monday on the July 4 holiday.
June 30, 2005
¢ Judge delays ordering reporters to jail ¢ Results mixed on interval training perks ¢ Panel: Any radiation levels pose cancer risk ¢ Murdering patriarch to be executed ¢ Black men attacked in white neighborhood ¢ Report: Data gaps make passports easy to steal ¢ Tropical Storm Bret to hit Mexican coast
Census finds Americans are moving to smaller, more affordable cities
June 30, 2005
Skyrocketing housing prices are driving people from San Francisco, Boston and other big cities. Warm weather and more affordable living are behind the rapid growth in midsize cities in Florida, Arizona, Nevada and California.
June 30, 2005
Board back to square one
Search re-opens for new commissioner
June 30, 2005
The search will continue for a new education commissioner, the State Board of Education decided Wednesday.
Langford, Miles to get shot at NBA
June 30, 2005
It didn’t take long for undrafted former Kansas University basketball guards Keith Langford and Aaron Miles to hook up with NBA teams.
New water line sparks dispute
Residents say plan too costly, endangers woods
June 30, 2005
It’s a fight that involves engineering, the love of nature and the ability of government to take private property.
People in the news
June 30, 2005
¢ Do as he says, not as he does ¢ VH1 to honor Notorious B.I.G. with posthumous award ¢ No jail time for Backstreet Boy ¢ Stefani plans tour ¢ Carson contribution
House roll call on ‘Mo-Jo’ school finance plan
June 30, 2005
The 65-59 vote Wednesday in the House against the $160 million “Mo-Jo” school finance package drafted by Democrats and moderate Republicans, so named because it has sponsors from Morton and Johnson Counties.
Disabled Kansans protest possible constitutional amendment
June 30, 2005
Several dozen disabled Kansans wanted to make sure that proposals to cut spending really were dead, but they had another message for legislators: “No amendment now!”
Highlights from the Kansas Legislature
June 30, 2005
Highlights of Thursday activities at the Kansas Legislature
Misery loves company in Bravo series
June 30, 2005
The celebrity reality trend that began with “The Osbournes” and “Newlyweds” is now deader than vaudeville. Evidence of its rigor mortis can be found in the ratings reports for NBC’s “I Want to Be a Hilton.” Further proof of its expiration can be seen on “Being Bobby Brown” (9 p.m., Bravo), debuting tonight.
House tentatively approves $139 million school finance plan
June 30, 2005
House members were poised to advance a $139 million school finance package Thursday, the chamber’s first successful attempt to satisfy a Kansas Supreme Court deadline less than 24 hours away.
House takes another run at judicial amendment
June 30, 2005
House members, determined to send a stinging rebuke to the Kansas Supreme Court, plan to take another stab at passing a proposed constitutional amendment that would cut into judicial powers.
School finance plan OK’d on one condition
House makes funding contingent on amendment limiting court power
June 30, 2005
Kansas schools would get more funding under a bill advanced Wednesday in the House, but only if the Legislature adopts a constitutional amendment prohibiting the Kansas Supreme Court from ordering lawmakers to increase school funding.
Bond reduction denied for murder suspect
June 30, 2005
A judge denied a bond reduction Wednesday for a Lawrence man charged with killing a 3-year-old girl in a child-abuse case.
Minority view
June 30, 2005
How can our representatives in Kansas governing bodies act in ways that are so counter to the needs and wishes of the vast majority of Kansans? I believe that their actions have nothing to do with their belief that they are acting in a fiscally conservative manner, against judicial activism or within the Christian tradition. I think that our representatives live in the fear that the people of Kansas will wake up to the lies, posturing and bigoted actions, and rid our governing bodies of their “conservative” majorities.
Festival rave
June 30, 2005
I am just back from my first visit to Lawrence, Kan., and it won’t be my last.
CAFTA threat
June 30, 2005
Neither Democrats nor Republicans represent the working class in America.
Federal student loan rates to rise
Consumers lock in low rates before Friday deadline
June 30, 2005
For two weeks, Tom Gallagher didn’t have much success reaching his son and daughter, who are working at a camp deep in the Adirondacks.
Homemade summer treats
Toplikar: Products offer simpler ways to crank out frozen dessert
June 30, 2005
It was about 10 o’clock Monday night and I was alone in the kitchen with my concoction. All evening I’d been working on it - melting chocolate and whisking up eggs, sugar, milk, cream and vanilla, then cooling the mixture.
Protected rights
June 30, 2005
On Oct. 26, 2001, President George W. Bush signed the Patriot Act, which formally gave government officials the right to arrest anyone and to search their homes without showing just cause. This Act has sparked a lot of debate over the years because it impedes on every citizen’s rights, including the First Amendment, namely freedom of speech and a person’s right to privacy.
Stunning stand
June 30, 2005
With regard to James Barnes’ letter of June 23, I too was absolutely stunned by Roger Boyd’s article in the June 21 Journal-World.
Future at stake
June 30, 2005
The question of stem cell research is a momentous debate unfolding in the United States. Its outcome will shape the progress of humanity for eternity.
Growth gains
June 30, 2005
After Joshua Rosenbloom said the main beneficiaries of Lawrence growth were homeowners (Journal-World, June 20), George Lippencott called it unsubstantiated, unsupported and unscientific (J-W, June 26). I’d say instead that it was not fully explained. Also, being an economist is much like being a doctor: while you must draw on extensive background research, each individual diagnosis is more art than science. (Full disclosure: As Rosenbloom’s former colleague, I tend to rely on the same research.)
County bans exotic animals in circuses
Commission cites concerns over diseases in certain types of acts
June 30, 2005
Circuses that include lions, elephants and bears have been banned from staging events in unincorporated portions of Douglas County.
LHS grad honored by invite
Director says lineman Kie skilled - and an ‘outstanding human being’
June 30, 2005
Aaron Kie perhaps never has stood taller. Kie, a 6-foot-2, 260-pound football offensive lineman, won first-team all-Sunflower League honors at Lawrence High last season. He signed with Haskell Indian Nations University last winter.
Bicyclists bond over bloopers
Border Raiders cyclists swap tales of mix-ups and mishaps
June 30, 2005
The Border Raiders entered Missouri on Wednesday, more than halfway through their 400-mile ride through four states. The next leg of their trip is from Maryville to Savannah, Mo., a distance of 69 miles.
Working together
City staff members seem to be embracing efforts to make the city’s planning and permitting process easier to navigate.
June 30, 2005
The response of Lawrence city staff to recommendations by the city’s Business Retention Task Force is a promising start to making the city’s planning and permitting process easier to navigate.
Royals manage victory
K.C. ends losing skid at eight with 3-1 win
June 30, 2005
The Kansas City Royals salvaged one victory from a terrible road trip, depriving the Minnesota Twins of a sweep they sure could have used.
Danica Mania’ on way
Driver would like to get first victory in Kansas
June 30, 2005
Danica Patrick already had made a splash on the Indy Racing League scene even before her historic fourth-place finish in last month’s Indianapolis 500.
Local briefs
June 30, 2005
¢ Road work could affect commuters ¢ Meeting to recruit volunteer workers ¢ Ceremony set for Kansas Guard Battery ¢ Commission progresses on new fire station ¢ Baker University hires new administrators
Arts notes
June 30, 2005
¢ Brown Bag Concerts continue today ¢ Lawrence native to sign new mystery
June 30, 2005
For Thursday, June 30
Battered Biggio sets beanball mark
Houston outfielder also homers, leading Astros to victory over Rockies
June 30, 2005
Craig Biggio’s arm guard is headed to the Hall of Fame.
Wild blackberries can be tamed and enjoyed
June 30, 2005
Wild berries are ripening across America, and the race is on among man and animals, birds and insects, to see who will get theirs first.
Lawrence datebook
June 30, 2005
Wheat harvest draws to close in Kansas
Farmers generally happier with this year’s crop
June 30, 2005
Jose Avalos liked what he saw Wednesday as he toured the wheat fields and grain elevators of western Kansas.
House GOP pledges vote on Social Security accounts
June 30, 2005
After months of nervous poll-watching, Republican leaders announced Wednesday the House would vote by fall on legislation to establish individual accounts under Social Security.
White House orders intelligence agency changes
June 30, 2005
President Bush granted the new national intelligence chief expanded power over the FBI on Wednesday and ordered dozens of other spy agency changes as the White House heeded a presidential commission that condemned the intelligence community for failures in Iraq and elsewhere.
College graduates face hurdles
June 30, 2005
I feel for the first-time financial decisions recent college graduates have to make.
Canada moving to ban mass exports of drugs
June 30, 2005
Canada’s health minister threatened Wednesday to overhaul the country’s regulations on exporting prescription drugs, saying Canada would no longer be a cheap “drug store for the United States.”
High prices not dampening plans for the Fourth of July
Despite gas costs, AAA projecting record number of weekend travelers
June 30, 2005
Although gasoline prices are well over $2 per gallon across the country, more Americans will travel this holiday weekend than ever before, according to AAA forecasters.
God doesn’t need public displays
June 30, 2005
In its latest ruling on church and state, the Supreme Court has once again tortured itself and the public (not to mention God, which the court increasingly wishes the public wouldn’t mention).
Restored PBS funds will spur painful cuts
June 30, 2005
The victory that public television won last week, when the House restored the committee-mandated 25 percent cut in its funds, came at a price. That price will be paid, as is so often the case in today’s Washington, by the people who depend on government help for essential health care and education and job-training services.
Big Hurt’s bomb lifts Chicago
Homer in 13th powers White Sox to 4-3 victory
June 30, 2005
Frank Thomas’ heroics at the plate were made possible by Chicago’s relievers on the mound.
Our town sports
June 30, 2005
Recommended budget includes street repairs, park projects, city raises
June 30, 2005
Streets, parks and city employees appear to be winners in a recommended city budget that commissioners largely praised on Wednesday.
Daily ticker
June 30, 2005
June 30, 2005
¢ Dillons to offer credit cards ¢ Health advocates attack dairy ads ¢ GDP growth beats quarterly estimates ¢ GM, Ford, Toyota tops in survey
Seat choice given to fans
Season-ticket holders with most points get first choice at men’s basketball games
June 30, 2005
Kansas University’s athletic department is getting out of the seat-assigning business. Beginning in September, basketball season-ticket holders will get to pick their seats.