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June 28, 2005


To the editor:

As a soldier who recently returned from Afghanistan, I am disgusted by the recent comments of Karl Rove. As a liberal myself, I am incensed that he would suggest the "motives of liberals" include "putting our troops in greater danger." I met many like-minded service members while I was deployed to Afghanistan and Mr. Rove's comments not only denigrate their service but also imply that liberals who are currently serving in war zones somehow wish harm on their brothers in arms.

Democrats and Republicans united after September 11. The Senate voted 98-0 to authorize the president to use force in Afghanistan. In the House, the vote was 420-1. For Mr. Rove to say there was a division in this country about how we should respond to the attacks is simply lying about the past. As President Bush said at the time, "It sends a clear message: Our people are together, and we will prevail."

Already the nonpartisan Families of September 11, an organization of survivors of those killed during the 9-11 terrorist attacks, have issued a statement demanding that Mr. Rove "stop trying to reap political gain in the tragic misfortune of others." I expect Mr. Rove to apologize to my party and the other patriotic, liberal service members who have been fighting valiantly, without complaint, in support of policies with which they may or may not agree. They, and the country, deserve better.

Terry Welch,



mefirst 12 years, 11 months ago

Thank you for speaking out, Terry. Somehow Republicans have managed to make it appear as though "their" side is the only side fighting this war. It's good to know there are people like you...critical thinkers who even though they serve in the military are not blinded by all the rhetoric and deception used by this administration.

Karl Rove proclaims to have been "preparing for war..." after September 11. What a joke. Karl Rove would NEVER enter the military. To pretend to be preparing for war from the comforts of his posh digs somewhere in D.C., is a slap in the face to ALL veterans and those currently serving.

We're still waiting on that apology, Karl. It'll never happen because these people feel no sorrow or regret, and they DO NOT care about our troops.

Smitley 12 years, 11 months ago

If you've ever read the luke warm statements of liberal groups like, Howard Dean, and various other democratic leaders then you'd understand what Karl Rove was saying. I think Rove was right on target with this. I personally think if we had the type of democrats in WW2 that we have today, we would have not won the war and brought freedom to millions. The liberal faction of the party today is about defeatism, appeasement policies, and would prefer to not fight a war on terrorist, rather pursue it as a police action. Liberals ran to read books on how America is so wrong, when 9/11 hit. (America isn't perfect,but it did not warrant attack of our citizens on our soil.) Conservatives knew that this was a call to war, and like the people in the WW2 era, we were willing to support our president, our troops, and sacrifice because war was brought on us.

Richard Heckler 12 years, 11 months ago


None of the 9/11 crtitters were from Iraq. The greater majority were from Saudi Arabia. Your remarks regarding liberals make it obvious you don't know what you are talking about.

GW Bush,Cheney, Rove etc. are not republicans or conservatives they are Right Wing neocon different than those Saudi Arabians who were involved in 9/11. Now 9/11 was not an act of war it was a mass murder of a magnitude never experienced by US citizens. Now the US government has killed thousands upon thousands of innocent Iraq people. This is about controlling the world's oil supply.

The focus should have remained on the terrorists not innocent Iraq people. GW Bush wants to be top dog in the world of oil however he has made many stupid decisions in the process. Obviously not the man for the job.

Bruce Bertsch 12 years, 11 months ago

This is one "liberal" who thought fighting in Afghanistan was the right thing to do. Your hero Mr. Rove and the man he advises had planned to invade Iraq long before Sept 11. To go after terrorists is always the right thing to do, although, the Israeli methods used during Golda Mier's regime of quiet retaliation was and has been more effective than W's War On Terrorism. What Karl Rove said is wrong on so many scores that it can only be construed as propaganda of the worst kind. What we "liberals" have a hard time understanding is how you can even try to compare Iraq to WW2.

Richard Heckler 12 years, 11 months ago

Smitley, It's long over due...time to bring the troops home.

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Most Americans now believe that President George W. Bush's administration "intentionally misled" the public in going to war in Iraq, according to a poll.

The ABC News/Washington Post poll came on the eve of a key speech in which Bush will seek public support for the war, which 53 percent of Americans who were surveyed said was not worth fighting.

A record 57 percent say the Bush administration "intentionally exaggerated its evidence that pre-war Iraq possessed nuclear, chemical or biological weapons," according to the poll.

It was the first time a majority said the administration "intentionally misled" the public, the survey said.

The poll also shows 56 percent disapprove of Bush's handling of Iraq, including 44 percent who "strongly disapprove".

Still, 53 percent remain optimistic rather than pessimistic about the prospects for Iraq in the next year, the poll said.

And nearly six in 10, or 58 percent, want US troops to stay in Iraq until civil order has been restored, while 41 percent asked for their withdrawal.

The Bush administration has rejected calls from US lawmakers, including from the president's Republican Party, to set a firm timetable on the withdrawal of US troops.

Administration officials say US soldiers will leave Iraq when Iraqi security forces are capable of defending the country.

Bush will go to the huge Fort Bragg army base in North Carolina on Tuesday to give a speech marking the first anniversary of the transfer of civilian authority from the United States to an Iraqi government.

The ABC News/Washington Post poll showed that 51 percent of Americans disapprove of the two-term president's overall performance, with 40 percent strongly disapproving.

Comparatively, former president Bill Clinton's highest strong disapproval rating peaked at 33 percent in 1994, while the strong disapproval rating for Bush's father George H.W. Bush reached 34 percent in 1992, according to the poll.

The poll was conducted on June 23-26 among 1,004 adults and has a three-point margin of error.

kansaskev61 12 years, 11 months ago

Age old problem. The liberals disagree with the conservatives and spread hate. The conservatives disagree with the liberals and try to spread peace. That's what makes America great and strong. Turn off your Televisions, cancel your subscription to Newsweek, Time and The Journal World and have a sit down dinner with your family and TALK! Hug your kids and worry about the problems at hand not the problems drummed up by the liberal media.

Richard Heckler 12 years, 11 months ago

There is no hate displayed here only facts from a variety of sources. Also there is no liberal media certainly none of the above mentioned. The Iraq war is taking innocent lives which includes those of our military. The war is costing too much money of which could be spent on socialized medicine,public school education, moving on to new energy sources which could create many many new jobs in the USA.

Too many from the current administration lied to the world about Iraq...the war to control the world's oil supply. Our allies are not stupid people and knew/know more about Iraq and the mideast than Pres. Bush cares to know. He is not the man for this job.

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