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Stark contrast

June 19, 2005


To the editor:

I salute the Journal-World editorial page editor for Wednesday's columns by Kris Kobach and Mike Hoeflich. They provide a stark contrast between the extremist (Kobach) and moderate (Hoeflich) views on the Kansas Supreme Court ruling on school funding. Extremists like Kobach thrive on misinformation about what constitutes suitable funding for Kansas schools.

A Google search for Kobach's word "krytocracy" shows he subscribes to current fashion among the extremist blog set. Put Kobach's claims together with the urban legend about a $20,000 desk in a Dodge City school spread by the chief education legislator in the Kansas House (Rep. Kathe Decker) and the Kansas State Board of Education's publicly funded creationist circus, and you have a perfect storm brewing around public education in Kansas.

I hope Kansas voters will let their legislators know that they have had it with elected officials who will not uphold their constitutional duty to provide suitable funding for all Kansas schools. We won't be distracted by fairy tales about krytocracy conspiracies, administrative waste and creationism.

Clifton Pye,



Richard Heckler 13 years ago

The republicans are trying desperately to change the subject of debate during the special session. The issue once again is PUBLIC SCHOOL FUNDING not some bogus desk or the courts.

The issue is public school funding and the failure of the republican majority to follow through. This problem would not be on the table if the republican majority had not wanted to play politics with a tax cut years ago. That was not smart accounting practices but plenty of smoke and mirrors. If democrats went along at least they have the insight now to see that it was a mistake in which they tried to correct during the Graves administration.

Republican Governor Graves wanted the mistake corrected and he was ignored by the republican majority for eight years.

New revenue has not been forthcoming and again the ruling party sat back and did nothing except watch the state cookie jar go empty...not real smart. There are some things uneducated politicians should leave alone. Public school funding is one of them.

Obviously there is a concerted effort by republicans to spin this around and distract from the real issue which is the republican party's failure to fund public schools. It is the republicans that forced the issue to the court in the first place. The republican majority ignored the consultants that they, the republicans, hired to advise the legislators.

It is obvious to me that republicans want to waste more taxpayer money discussing the courts instead getting down to the business of funding public education.

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