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Poor coverage

June 18, 2005


To the editor:

I feel the Lawrence Journal-World has dropped the ball on the "Downing Street memo." I briefly read about this memo in a political cartoon in the Journal-World on June 12. I asked my fiancee about the memo, and she told me she had heard somewhere that information had been leaked from British intelligence that President George W. Bush had made up his mind about the invasion of Iraq before he approached the American public about Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction. This memo contradicts Bush's 2002 statements that he would use war as a last resort.

I assumed I had inadvertently missed this important development. I went to the Internet and looked at the Journal-World home page for past articles on the subject. Apparently the Journal-World had never published an article on the subject. I then looked at other Web pages and found that the Times of London had published the memo on May 1. I also found that hardly any newspapers in the United States have published front-page articles on the subject since the memo was released. I am amazed that an issue of such importance has hardly been covered by the newspapers of this country, and I am disappointed that the Journal-World has not seen fit to run a single article on the subject.

Tim Dickson,



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