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Schools are priority

June 15, 2005


To the editor:

At the risk of sounding like a recent college graduate full of idealism, which I am, I would like to share a few thoughts. Having lived the majority of my 22 years in Lawrence, I am rather dismayed by some of the opinions expressed in letters to the editor.

On an issue such as the recent order by the Kansas Supreme Court to increase funding for education, I am saddened that members of this community and elsewhere are unable to grasp the importance of this decision. Not only does one's resistance to support funding education for all Kansas children indicate a lack of compassion, it indicates a lack of foresight and perspective, as is supported by the governor's proclamation calling for the special session on June 22.

We can continue as we have, which is to ignore the reality of a grossly underfunded and undersupported public education system in this state, by shifting the argument to one of constitutionality, in this case. Or we can accept the inevitable, that "their" problems are "ours" as well, that we can no longer afford to compartmentalize our morals and sense of justice and equity, as it benefits no one in the long run.

If we claim that we believe in freedom and democracy, these ideals must be upheld in the debate on funding education for the children of Kansas. When we do so, all Kansas children flourish, which I believe we all truly desire, more so than a padded retirement fund.

Marita Robinson,



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