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June 15, 2005
Bachelors on the auction block
Male sale to benefit Health Care Access
June 15, 2005
Bachelors on the auction block —
The many faces of Batman
Crafting a credible Caped Crusader means following certain rules
June 15, 2005
It’s a truism as old as the character himself: Every generation gets the Batman it wants - or deserves.
Commentary: Hyping Patrick over Sorenstam unfair
June 15, 2005
Annika and Danica.
Woods hit and miss this year
World’s top-ranked golfer no longer dominating
June 15, 2005
The tee shot was pure power, right down the middle of the fourth fairway at Pinehurst No. 2, a perfect drive by Masters champion Tiger Woods.
Carpenter tosses one-hitter
Cardinals hurler shuts down Blue Jays in 7-0 win
June 15, 2005
Chris Carpenter had a dominant response for a fan that mocked him in his return to Toronto.
Wasteful show
Members of the Kansas State Board of Education have a right to rewrite the state’s science standards, but do they also have to waste taxpayer’s money in the process?
June 15, 2005
What exactly did Kansas taxpayers get for the estimated $17,000 it cost to stage hearings concerning proposed science standards for Kansas public schools?
Lawrence datebook
June 15, 2005
On the record
June 15, 2005
Simply fresh
Local strawberries struggled in late frosts, but plenty remain for ice cream, shortcake or a just-picked snack
June 15, 2005
Jane Creighton has big plans for the field-fresh strawberries she and her husband, Horace, grow at River Bluff Gardens, near Pomona.
Making vinaigrette
June 15, 2005
Daily ticker
June 15, 2005
June 15, 2005
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