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Differing views

July 25, 2005


To the editor:

In the July 16 Lawrence Journal-World, the Rev. David Livingston cautions us against taking good ideas too far. Such ideas, he says, are morality and the sanctity of life. According to the Christianity I learned as a youth, we should be more concerned with being moral than we almost always are. (That is why we are all sinners.) Has Christianity changed? Apparently God's truth is not immutable.

More interesting is Livingston's assertion that "the question of whether violence against an innocent is ever justified should always carry an immediate answer: 'No!'" Abortion is violence against an innocent. So Livingston's assertion implies that abortion is morally wrong. But when he speaks of taking the idea of the sanctity of life too far he clearly is thinking of abortion. This is a contradiction.

On these issues it is difficult to find positions with which most people agree and also to avoid contradicting oneself. Readers of this letter might wish to contemplate how they reconcile (if they do) condemning Islamic terrorism because innocents are killed, not condemning the Allied Forces' bombing of Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Tokyo in World War II, and favoring abortion choice.

Don Marquis,



craigers 12 years, 8 months ago

Are you saying instead of "chastising" teens for wanting birth control, since obviously parents can't parent their kids anymore and encourage them to not have sex, we should encourage them to get birth control. Why do we want to make it so easy for children to get birth control? Is it because we don't want to come down on them for wanting to be sexual activity? Why would we want to encourage it? I mean seriously if you want to see sexually transmitted diseases pop out all over the place, then hand out birth control pills to teens. That is right, teens, why treat them like complete adults? If they still need a parental signature at school or permission to be dismissed, then they are not adults yet, period. Don't let them grow up too fast, they are not ready for sexual activity, don't encourage it. Just putting abstinence on the top of the list for birth control methods doesn't mean that Planned Parenthood is doing a good job of educating teens on sexual activity.

I do agree with this letter how people are outraged that our troops an innocent people die everyday in the war in Iraq, but there is absolute freedom to choose to terminate an unborn innocent life. Seems pretty contradictory to me.

Richard Heckler 12 years, 8 months ago

Planned Parenthood is among those doing their job educating those who come looking for advice. While the pros and cons of abortion are discussed much much more data is also offered regarding children including adoption.

While most pregnacies are not planned the far greater majority do not end in abortion thanks to many organizations such as Planned Parenthood. ABORTIONS ARE ON THE DECLINE due to a variety of factors. Access to birth contol data and products are essential. Education is the key word.

No doubt children hear plenty about abstaining while growing up. Considering Planned Parenthood's first item listed under birth control is abstaining further supports parents. However inspite of it all teens are probaly the largest number of young adults who seek abortions. This tells me this is the one group that needs access to all birth control methods, not chastised for doing so. Not only that the parents are most always involved in the final decisions whom I would bet cover the broad spectrum of political spectrums as too many families are humiliated by the fact that their daughters have become pregnant. Sooner or later we need to realize teen-agers need our blessings for wanting to take control of their lives and pretending they are not teen-agers obviously is not the answer.

Over and above educated birth control adoption should be available to all adults who can provide a loving warm home as a means of reducing the numbers of children in foster care programs. Obviously there are not enough loving warm homes stepping up the plate neither for unwanted babies nor for our population of foster children. So why does Topeka want to make it evermore difficult? It seems keeping all avenues to warm loving homes open would reduce our over all tax bills.

Thank you Planned Parenthood for all your efforts. Your actions speak much louder than the many words being tossed around by others. Too bad so many Dad's of all ages who also seem to enjoy orgasms are nowhere to be found. Meanwhile it's the young who become pregnant that continue to be chastised. May I suggest that DNA's be performed in all teen-age pregnacies in order that the dudes families can participate in the humiliation process.

It is good that the number of abortions is dropping as in most cases it is a huge emotional strain on mothers... something too many males know nothing about.

Becky 12 years, 8 months ago

If men could have babies would this be an issue? You have to have FAITH that a woman is making the right decesion for her life and the life inside her. Pregnancy is hard and being a parent is the hardest job in the world.

Richard Heckler 12 years, 8 months ago


Do you have daughters? Do you have children? How do you know when someone is old enough? If teens are given good explicit advice accompanied with facts I believe they will do right after all they are not stupid. Any type of birth control is better than unwanted children.

Planned Parenthood offers no encouragement to engage in sex. Planned Parenthood offers good facts and makes no decisions for anyone. Their "get to the point" approach should be applauded. Getting down on teens will not stop them from having sex and certainly will not stop them from becoming pregnant.

If my daughter had become pregnant before marriage I would embrace her and let her know that her parents love her dearly and if she would choose to have the baby we would be there. Things happen and pregnant daughters do not deserve to be ignored or be asked to leave home. Pregnant daughters are human beings.

craigers 12 years, 8 months ago

I never said that if my daughters were ever to become pregnant that I would not embrace them, but encourage them to have sex in their teens I will not. If they got pregnant because of being sexually active, then you better believe there would be no question whether or not she had the baby. The question would be adoption or keeping it. I really don't care how adult they are, they are not ready for that. Sex should be taught as being a lot more meaningful than arming your kids with birth control and tell them to make the right decision. I know they are not stupid, but just like all of us do at times, children/teens make their decisions based off of feelings not facts. Mostly feelings during their junior high and high school times.

highlander 12 years, 8 months ago

I support choice because it is the right thing to do. We refuse to stop rape, date rape, incest, child molesitation foster homes, sexual exploitation, and this is a Nation of double standards. I support birth control because an unwanted child has not bonded with the partents and this carries over into their life. I support planned parent hood because a negelected child is a sin and a malnurished child is usually an outcast. I support women because they are the corner stone of our society. A great Nation takes care of it's young , old, infirmed and disenfranchised ; our Nation takes care of the 1.3 million elitist. That is the Bush agenda. The Evangelical agenda is to destroy this Nation,the Constitution and embrace the arrival of the Anti-Christ and their rapture???

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