Endless violations

To the editor:

“Once a student athlete, always a student athlete.” If that is the rule, then does that mean Roy Williams is subject to that ruling also? Does that mean that every gift hanging, lying or sitting in Roy Williams’ office in Chapel Hill, given to him by ‘Hawk fans, or ‘Heel fans, (which he did not pay/repay for) is in fact a violation? Does he have the “receipts” to demonstrate that he did repay the donor?

Is there possibly any one coach of any NCAA division that was NOT a student athlete? Bill Snyder? Quin Snyder? Any coach/student athlete that has not received an item of some value which he/she did not pay for? Didn’t I see Norm Stewart accept a rocking chair in Allen Fieldhouse? You mean ol’ Roy Boy got the kudos for giving, yet Norm paid for it? Is there any member of the infractions committee that ever was a student athlete who has NOT received some form of “gift” that was not paid for?

If the “rules are the rules,” then perhaps we need to put every program on severe restriction and cancel all post-season tournaments, play, etc. Then we would be “walking the talk.” Until then we are just selectively exposing various schools here and there for whatever hidden agendas are motivating the investigations.

Duke Hester,