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Sesquicentennial president looks to extend birthday bashes
Clenece Hills hopes commissioners will fund annual celebrations
July 19, 2005
Strike up the band and have a birthday party every year.
Experts: Oil prices burden budgets
Costs slowing economy, say Greenspan, Bush adviser
July 19, 2005
High oil prices could crimp - but not derail - economic growth this year, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan suggests.
Powerful persuasion
Can healthy eating ads balance TV’s junk food barrage?
July 19, 2005
Orange wedges served with school-bought lunches turn into silly toys, wedged rind-side out in kids’ mouths like cartoon character lips.
Swinging for the fences
Arroyo hoping for hits with new release
July 19, 2005
Athletes want to be rock stars and rock stars want to be athletes. Bronson Arroyo gets to be both.
Smaller racetracks endangered
Decline in state funds may lead to closing of small local tracks
July 19, 2005
For more than 100 years, people in Kansas have been going to small tracks like Anthony Downs to watch horse racing.
Brown on way out of Motown
New York could be next stop for former KU coach
July 19, 2005
Larry Brown and the Detroit Pistons are ready to part ways.
July 19, 2005
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