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Vet support

July 4, 2005


To the editor:

On Memorial Day, I sat surrounded by friends and family. As a Vietnam veteran I have a particular appreciation for the day we set aside to honor those who served and sacrificed, sometimes with their lives. I mourn for them. I cry for them.

Government officials made speeches honoring the men and women who served and are now serving, calling them patriots and heroes. I do have a question. If our government is so appreciative, why don't we care for them.

Why does our government allow our troops' families to suffer, not only from their absence, but the absence of the livelihood they provided? Why does our government allow their employers to give their jobs away? Why does our government allow families to go on welfare, to go homeless? Why does our government under-fund the Veterans Affairs department, which must care for those who return with disabilities and traumas?

War has never been rational. The people who order them never directly suffer its effects. If the government has the money to wage war, it should have enough money to cover its effects. The government owes them that. We owe them that.

Maybe someday we will learn that war, killing and violence never solve problems, they create them. Peace will never be achieved as long as we disrespect the rights of others. That's not only true of countries but individuals.

Randy Supernaw,



Richard Heckler 12 years, 7 months ago

This premeditated war with the profiteers seated around the table as the planning committee. An administration without a foreign policy or a diplomatic policy. WE can only hope that the people of the mideast don't hold all americans responsible for an irresponsible president.

Mideast people do not hate americans in general it's the Bush military policy.

mefirst 12 years, 7 months ago

Thank you for bringing up a point that often goes unnoticed...caring for veterans and the hypocrisy that surrounds all the "support the troops" rhetoric. People believe supporting the troops stops at putting a red, white, and blue ribbon magnet on their car. They truly do not understand the commitment (by the public and the government) involved in supporting the troops.

I have to add one question to your list...why does our government deny that illness (associated with war time service) exists? Particularly for those who have illnessess resulting from their service in the Gulf War and exposure to Uranium.

Richard Heckler 12 years, 7 months ago

To avoid paying service connected disabilities and maybe it would mean confessing to using WMD's.


craigers 12 years, 7 months ago

More than one person sent our troops to war. Quit blaming only one person for making the mistake about WMD. You would have made the same decision as the other congressmen involved had you been privy to the information they had to make the decision.

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