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Research is key

January 28, 2005


To the editor:

Hilda Enoch voiced concern about the Kansas Club for Growth and the influence on state legislators (Public Forum, Jan. 16). A rebuttal followed stating all campaign dollars were from Kansas (Jan. 23). Does that mean that no foreign influence exists? I would say no. Kansas Club for Growth is merely a chapter/member of the Washington, D.C., organization or PAC Club for Growth.

Their members help elect candidates who support the Reagan vision of economic growth through limited government and lower taxes. If my memory serves me well, George Herbert Walker Bush labeled Reaganomics as "voodoo economics." However the younger President Bush has chosen Reaganomics as his path to success or not.

Hilda Enoch has genuine concern concerning two major issues, public education funding and health insurance for Kansans. Kansas Club for Growth managed to get promises from some Kansas legislators not to raise taxes which are likely the ones who received campaign funding from this organization.

Excellent educational opportunities for children and adults are deemed essential for strong economic growth. A community college as well as a vo-tech campus would add economic strength to Lawrence, Kan.

Club for Growth will also target moderate Republicans such as Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania for defeat. However, the organization has a new director who campaigned against Specter and instead went down in defeat.

Organizations spend time selecting names which sometimes pull the wool over our eyes. You can find some "green" sounding organizations which in truth are managed by polluters. Research is the key.

Richard Heckler


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