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First complaint

January 11, 2005


To the editor:

In response to a letter by Chris Anderson (Public Forum, Jan. 4) titled "Poor choice," I am the Santa in the article. It's hard to believe how many people have told me what a great article it was. I was very surprised by Anderson's angry letter. His/her complaint was "how do I tell my young children that the bearded tattooed man in the red suit was not the real Santa." I had to wonder what explanation Anderson has for the children about mall Santas, or the hundreds on television. The answer is simple: It is one of Santa's many helpers.

It is a free country, and that is why I'm the way I am and why Anderson is entitled to his/her opinion, but how can you live in such a liberal town and be so narrow-minded? The list goes on and on of compliments and support. It's funny after 22 years, there is ONE complaint. I think Anderson is just one of those people who is not happy unless they have something to complain about.

Chris Hartman,


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