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Best friends

January 9, 2005


To the editor:

As one who's been around Robin Hood's barn a time or two and who remembers Tennessee Ernie Ford and who identifies with the disordered basement, in my case a 99-year-old cellar, I thank you, George Gurley, for your story about Andy.

And after reading it, I understand what you mean when you say Andy was the best dog who ever lived, but then I think of Shannon and Shamrock, Freckles, Shane and now Pug and Cody still with me, having come here as strays 13 years ago.

I've said many times, "There's no love like the love of a dog." Now I say, "There's no love like the love of a dog, unless it's the love of a man," but when that man is gone there's still Pug and Cody whose love is unconditional.

I've often wondered if "our best friends" will be with us in heaven. I don't know, but I reason if God gave them to us to bring us joy, it's very likely they will be.

So thanks again, George, for sharing your lovely, tender story of Andy. I believe there is a day coming where he will be hunting forever where it is always autumn and grasses golden in the light of the January sun.

Joy Clouse,


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