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For the Right

February 22, 2005


To the editor:

We read about the "Christian right," and they seem to believe that only their view is right. Sorry, but I resent any notion that my opposing view is not right or Christian. Maybe I should be called a Christian for the Right, the rights of people.

The upcoming vote on an amendment to the Kansas Constitution obliges me to vote NO. 1) The amendment addresses two matters; both are different topics. 2) Kansas has already adopted a law defining marriage. Is there some malicious intent behind promoting a definition to the constitutional level? 3) My Christian understanding requires me to oppose violating human and civil rights. Rights can be denied when the welfare of the public is jeopardized or endangered. This amendment serves only to codify a bias, a discrimination.

As a Christian for the Right I resent the "Christian right" pretending to speak for me, or for my faith. My faith recommends all vote NO on April 5.

Don Conrad,


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