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Salesman Bush

February 19, 2005


To the editor:

Bush is a good salesman. Selling Americans on four more years of his questionable policies. Selling everyone on the Iraq war. Sold everyone on his prescription drug plan. His plans have cost more than he said. Now he is trying to sell privatization of Social Security. His selling jobs aren't good for America. This latest sales pitch isn't good and will cost more than he says. This president gives salesmen a bad name.

In his State of the Union address, Bush said he wanted to work with Congress, he would look at any plan they would offer. Running around the country to sell his plan is not working with Congress. It is another Bush my-way-or-no-way plan.

Dubya lied about the reasons for going to Iraq. He didn't tell the truth about the cost of prescription drugs. So why believe him about Social Security? It is just another Bush scare tactic. If he is sincere about working with Congress, then go back to D.C. and work instead of spending more money running everywhere for photo ops with his select group of yes people.

We should remember the '20s when the stock market crashed. People lost their life savings in the stock market and bank failures. FDR started Social Security to guarantee income for seniors; it has worked all this time and is still working.

Dubya wants us to trust his buddies on Wall Street. Do we do that to future generations? His big deficit is enough to deal with.

Delores Hubach,


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