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KU rated among top 10 workplaces for postdocs

February 11, 2005


Kansas University seems to be attracting more than just top basketball players -- it's also right up there in the top 10 among places where "postdocs" like to work.

The Scientist, a life sciences trade magazine published in Philadelphia, today announced that KU was No. 10 on the top 10 list of U.S. academic instutions considered best places for postdoctoral researchers, or "postdocs," to work. No other Big 12 university made the list.

David Shulenburger, provost and executive vice chancellor, said KU was honored by the ranking.

"Under the leadership of faculty from many disciplines, KU's reputation as a premier research university has been building steadily," Shulenburger said. "It is not surprising that many talented individuals want to come here to further their research by working with our faculty."

Postdocs perform research under the mentorship of a permanent faculty member. Postdoctoral research is considered the first step toward obtaining a faculty position at research universities like KU. There are 131 postdocs at KU.

More than 3,500 postdocs responded to The Scientist survey They said a good workplace included a valuable training experience, access to research equipment and library resources and a good mentoring relationship.

Those taking part in the survey were from 122 U.S.-based academic and private institutions and 66 foreign institutions.

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