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Healthy eating

February 11, 2005


To the editor:

Healthy eating habits, we know, are good for the body and the brain cells. Nutrition is essential to enable the brain to shoot the proper natural chemicals in the right places for coping with stress.

Nutrition, we know, provides energy naturally, as well as good sleep.

Cruciferous veggies are cancer fighters so let's feed our children this on a daily basis.

Do children need bad cholesterol? No.

Plain water, which is easily absorbed by the body, not only is perfectly adequate but is the best beverage to drink. Leading sports physiologists have found that the difference between sports drinks and plain water is meaningful only to people who push themselves to the activity level of elitist, dedicated athletes. Smart Water, a bottled water that is also a source of electrolytes, can be readily purchased at the wholesale level. There is little value in soda pop.

Our children need electrolytes which are abundant in avocados, bananas, chard, citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables, as well as many other common foods. Juices such as grapefruit, tomato, V8 and orange juice are also good sources of electrolytes.

Let's ask our school board to make the best choices for our tax dollars. We want more bang for our buck. Keeping our children healthy is like money in the bank. It's the parents' job to feed their offspring junk food, not the public education system.

Richard Heckler,


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