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Oscar nominee to star in BTK movie

August 24, 2005


— With the real-life drama now history, viewers will soon be able relive the BTK killings saga in a movie now under production by CBS titled "The Hunt for the BTK Killer."

Oscar nominee Robert Forster has been cast in the role of a detective leading the 31-year manhunt for the killer. It is not known whether his character will be named after Lt. Ken Landwehr, who coordinated the Wichita police department's investigation that led to the capture of Dennis Rader in February.

Rader, 60, a former church congregation president and Boy Scout leader, led a double life, calling himself BTK for "bind, torture and kill." He was arrested in February and pleaded guilty in June to 10 murders from 1974 to 1991. He was sentenced last week to 10 consecutive life terms in prison.

The movie is set to air Oct. 9 on CBS stations.

Forster, who has been acting in films and television since the 1960s, was nominated for best supporting actor for his role as Max Cherry in the 1997 movie, "Jackie Brown." He also the father of a U.S. marshal in the television series "Karen Sisco." Both were based on a novel by Elmore Leonard.

Michael Michele will play the part of another detective. Her resume includes roles as an investigator for a season of "Homicide: Life of the Streets," and a doctor in more than 50 episodes of "ER." She also appeared in the comedy "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days."

The role of the BTK killer will be played by Gregg Henry, whose credits include the role of Val Resnick in the 1999 movie "Payback" with Mel Gibson. He also worked on the 2002 thriller "Femme Fatale" and more recently in Fox's drama "24."


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