Clearing the smoke screen

Kansas University student Andy Harrington, an Olathe senior, left, and recent grad Matt Gronniger, of Lawrence, smoke outside ot the patio at Louise's Bar Downtown, 1009 Mass. St.

Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em, the saying goes. Just don’t smoke them here.

If you’re returning to campus, you know the drill. But if you’re new to KU – especially if you’re a pack-a-day puffer or just a social smoker – a surprise adjustment awaits you.

Two years ago, the Lawrence City Commission banned smoking in all public establishments. Yes, that means restaurants and bars.

It also means that several Lawrence businesses, such as Louise’s Bar Downtown, 1009 Mass., have installed outdoor eating and drinking areas to entice those of you who enjoy nicotine with your social experiences.

Here’s the skinny on how the ban works:

Q: Where is smoking not allowed?

A: All “enclosed public places,” including all indoor places of employment.

Q: Where is smoking allowed?

A: Private homes, personal vehicles, some hotel rooms, smoke shops and outdoor places of employment.

Q: If there’s not a “no smoking” sign at an establishment, can I smoke?

A: No. Building owners are required to post “no smoking” signs.

Q: Who gets in trouble if people are smoking in a public place?

A: The owner of the establishment.

Q: What’s the penalty for a violation?

A: $100 for the first violation, $200 for the next violation within a year, and $500 for each additional violation within a year.

Q: Whom do I call to complain if I see somebody smoking in a bar or restaurant?

A: Call 832-7059. Complaints will be forwarded to Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical.